Colosseum Guided Tour Arena floor (Semi Private)

In this tour you will be benefited from exclusive access through the back door entrance to the Colosseum Arena Floor where your guide will introduce you to the wonders of the Ancient Roman games. Entering through the gate that was named after Libitina, the goddess of funerals, where dead gladiators and animals were carried away. Feel the majesty of Ancient Rome as you follow the footsteps of those who fought in gladiatorial combat. As you are standing on a wooden reconstruction of the original arena floor you will enjoy astonishing, 360-degree views of the Colosseum. You can look up at the ruins that were once filled with thirty of thousands of spectators. Only a certain amount of visitors can be there for a given amount of time, which means there is plenty of space to move around and satisfy even the more avid of the photographers. After your Colosseum arena floor tour, you will explore the ground floor, second tier and a balcony with astonishing views over the Roman Forum and Arch of Constantine. Second tier, used to reserved for the non-senatorial noble citizens, which bears witness of the importance of social class in the Roman society. Most importantly, our guides will provide you with entertaining and engaging stories and legends of these sites!


  • Live guide
  • Headsets (for groups of more than 6 people)
  • Skip the line entrance / priority access entrance
  • Access to the Arena floor
  • Access to first and second ring of the Colosseum
  • Access to Palatine Hill and Roman Forum
  • First name and surname is mandatory for each individual’s reservation.
  • It is also mandatory to bring your passport or official photo ID on the day.
  • our reservations have strict timing. You are requested to be at the meeting point at least 15
    minutes before your tour departure time. Late arrival cannot be guaranteed entry. As per
    “No Show” rules you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • You are not allowed with knives, glass bottles or large backpacks inside of the Archaeological
  • The starting time is subject to change. Updated information will be emailed as soon as any
    changes are made.
  • Cancellation policy: Bookings are non-refundable. All sales are final.
  • Meeting Point: In front of The Café Roma, Via Del Colosseo N.31. 00184 Roma RM.
From €99
/ Adult
From €50
/ Child
  • 1hour 30minutes
  • Day tour / activity
  • Luxury
  • Can be booked no later than 2 hour(s) before start time
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